Musings on a Sunday afternoon, June 24, 2012

Sunday June 24, 2012 – Bob’s post drug induced Musings?
Today, Morsi was confirmed as President of Egypt, first ‘elected’ president of Eqypt in 40 years. He’s ‘Islamic brotherhood’ which scares many, but that may mean less than we think.
In this ‘pride’ month.
I get it. Over 40 years ago, 1969 at the moment of ‘Stonewall riots’, the NY Times proclaimed, ‘Homo next raided’. This weekend, the Empire state building was lit up in Rainbow colors last night in support of Gay Pride month. Wow. Things have changed radically in our country, something spearheaded by the 1960’s radicalism and protests. NY State and a small amount of others have passed ‘gay marriage’, or ‘marriage equality’, more rightly stated. More and more ‘transgender’ people are out (Chaz Bono!)
I didn’t even ‘come out’ until 1980, after battling my own spiritual war within myself, having been an evangelical (even fundamentalist) Christian most of the 1970’s. Coming out of that was and still is a constant battle.
I get it. Forty years ago, African Americans were just winning the right to vote in much of the south. The thought of a black president wasn’t even imagined! So, here we are
I get it. Over 40 years ago, women still could not get legal abortions, had little, if any presence in congress. Since then, they have abortion and ‘body’ rights (as I call it), are still fighting for pay equality, but still only make 75 cents on the dollar to male equivalents in the same exact job!
Progress has been made.
I get it! The conservative, ‘neo con’ backlash of the past 30-40 years, made worse by the emergence of a ‘retro’ movement, calling itself the ‘Tea Party’ which, along with the Billionaire ‘corporate’ masters have scared almost all Republicans and many Democrats into a small puddle of their own pee! We expected this, and we have in ‘my’ generation, many of the ‘Boomers’ frightened and unsure, so fighting against their own best interests (cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Healthcare, Collective bargaining and Union rights, and all the hard won ‘social’ rights since the FDR era, mostly won due to Unions fighting since the 1930’s),
I get it! I am now, even in the past year, a lot more ‘clear’ on all of this. I think my involvement, since my ‘retirement’ (due to forced medical reasons), in Progressive actions, MoveOn, spurred to action more by Occupy Wall Street, has ‘re activated’ me from my years in LGBT Marches in the 90’s and Anti Vietnam war protests in the late 60’s and 70’s.
So, I get it! The previous generation is *scared of change*. It’s natural. What’s different? Since Citizen’s United Supreme court decision, allowing almost unlimited money in politics and the previous balance and protections against this being eroded over the past 40 years, we are in peril. Our ‘democratic republic’ never a direct democracy, is now, due to the amount of money that candidates have to raise from the day they are elected, and due to Multi Billionaires and Corporate state (‘Meritocracy’, ‘Corporatocracy’, ‘Plutocracy’, call it what you will. All apply), is ‘owned’ and operated more each year, by Global Corporate interests, not even living in our ‘country’ , not even in the same world as the average working person. That, added to the second great ‘Depression’ (2008) of the last century, caused mainly by the Banks in bed with these Corporations, has all but destroyed our ‘American dream’ way of life, the Middle class, and put more than 40 % of the wealth of this country in the hands of the top 1 % (even more in the .001 %)
We have ultimately forgotten the warning made by Republican president Eisenhower In his farewell address, Eisenhower urged the public to “guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.”
So, I get it. But, I believe not that 2012, end of an ‘age’ or not, is definitely going to be the beginning of many more changes. Expect much more fearful backlashes from a dying generation, desperately seeking to keep in place a way of life that cannot be. By 2050 or sooner, caucasians (we white people) will for the first time, be a minority in this United States. This is scary for some, but cannot be changed. Supposedly that’s the kind of freedom and change that that ‘lady’ standing New York harbor upholds.