From Facebook post, July 5, 2012.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

I posted along with a Zinn post, I said this: MY humble view in my 60 years of protesting many things is that if we ‘strike’ if we ‘boycott’, if soldiers, who are people, just like everyone can refuse to do something morally represensible, But, the bigger point is , how much further can we militarize, how much more do we have to invade and control the world, without anyone holding the corporate and military responsible. My god, the police in NYC are so militarized, it scares the hell outta me. I watched the cameras surrouding ‘Zuccotti’ park when that small group called, ‘Occupy Wall street’ were practicing their constitutional right to see ‘redress’, and thought, this is 1984 all over ! this is ‘Fahrenheit 451’, this is ‘V’.  I have seen such great changes for good (Belin wall falling, the collapse of the USSR) but now we are the one wanting to builid walls, and spy on and arrest our own people, for what? for reading the Constitution and thinking that maybe there’s something in there that means something to us? for us? okay, just my humble silly thoughts. 


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