Fast Food workers strike Nationwide

Fast Food workers strike Nationwide

Fast  food workers strike over 60 cities nationwide today, August 29, 2013 for a LIVING WAGE.

Thousands of fast-food and retail workers are set to go on strike across the United States on Thursday to push for a $15 hourly wage, after a similar action last month bolstered confidence but not pay, organizers said. – See more at:


Some posts from a friend on Facebook….’WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE’…

My favorite of these… “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.” – Malcolm X”

One commenter to this post on FB, said, ‘we must rise above competitive politics’…. how is this possible in this utterly divided nation that we find ourselves.

It really hasn’t changed that much since I protested the Vietnam War in the 1960’s/70s….  some of the players have changed.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, in my humble estimation, made plain the culprits , being the Big Corporations, Bank or Banksters… but this was just a ‘reactionary’ movement… which the spirit of, is still present with us. It got me up off of my ass in the 2000’s to become somewhat of an activist, speaking out about things I thought I needed to…

This is just a cry in the night  or the wilderness (fill in the blank)…. of someone looking for a way out of the never-ending  spiral of War, Hate, Money over Democracy…you name it.

I will stay vigilant. I might look like a fool at times. That’s ok.



‘Welcome’ rally for John Boehner, to our fair little county, Aug 6

‘Welcome’ rally for John Boehner, to our fair little county, Aug 6

Justice protest outside Cablevison campus of Liberty NY… Aug. 6 2013… I was there with many friends… crowd close to 60 or more ….a lot for our very rural county.. We ‘welcomed’ John Boehner at a fund raising dinner for local Rep. Chris Gibson… (R NY)