This 9/11…. 2013

A message to all my friends… I am starting with my counselor this week (I have been in regular counseling since my days after 9/11 in NYC back in early 2002- it was offered free for awhile to those who worked below Midtown in NY)
As I said earlier, I will be ‘volunteering’ myself around the neighborhood on Wednesday, and mostly taking off from FB… I will post my story and some pictures (in a slide presentation) that day… as I do almost every year. I wrote up my ‘events’ of what happened that day around late Oct. 2011 to get my friends/relatives off my back about retelling it so many times.. It ended up on the Smithsonian 9/11 Memorial site as on of thousands of stories… I will repost this Wednesday with the story and slide presentation.. The pictures are my own,, now copyrighted…Peace to you all, and may be avoid war with Syria…Mr President,, we have a short window to talk to Iran… why don’t you do that with the Russians etc… and see what happens… Miracles can occur!!!

I got so involved I forgot to finish that I am working through my PTSD with my counselor that I still suffer from 9/11… someone diagnosed me with this years ago… something I had been avoiding.. now I am dealing with it

your humble servant…
— feeling good.


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