A plea for sanity….

My dear T party and conservative ‘friends’…. relax it a little.,.. take a look at yourself in the mirrors…..  let’s deal with FACTS, not Innuendo and Lies, repeated again and again…  if you say that ‘government’ is the problem… what do you want to replace it? yes, we need to reform it, but with what? how, by the barrel of  a gun? really?…. put down the Nazi signs, the racists slanders, the Confederate flags and wishes to be ‘separate’ . We fought that war.. I understand your pain, your anger, but you are being MANIPULATED by Evil, corporate monsters who don’t care about you or me, or anyone but where their next Billion is coming from.. they don’t care about this country at all.  Please, talk, wake up…. put down your guns, then we can talk…. Am I insane for asking this? maybe… I don’t see any other choice..    🙂Image

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