Notes from a talk with a Libertarian friend….

business handshake over blue background/apreton de manos sobre fondo azul

Notes from an Interview with a Libertarian / and Ron Paul supporter, Tim H- pt. 1


Tim supported Paul’s campaign in 2008,and actually went to hear Ron Paul in Philadelphia in 2008.
Apart from all of the dogma involved in online and print critiques and interpretations surrounding  the particulars of, and ‘minutia’ of historical ‘Libertarianism’, it’s dogmatic philosophical background, I have in this friend (  from Facebook) a Direct, ‘human to human’ conversation with might begin to show us all how much more close we are in all things.   I plan to  to do a down to earth get together soon, and also just had a wonderfully ‘human’, person to person conversation. We found ourselves having many agreements on many issues (Pro choice), more about his kind of malleable form of ‘libertarianism’ ,which  is a  much more humane, simpler , sensible and belief system, closer to some or many of my own beliefs.  (I will be continuing this as a series of ‘conversations’ among ‘friends’……)
This has led me to open my mind and also find that things are not always as they seem,

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