Cliven Bundy, Folly Rancher

no he has not thought this through, but thinking may not be his big thing


Cliven Bundy has stated he doesn’t acknowledge that the federal government exists. Well sir, someday he might have a “beef” about his cattle or the state of Nevada’s right to levy taxes on him, or something. He might wind up on the losing side of a lawsuit and decide to appeal the verdict. Let’s say he appeals the ruling to the Nevada state supreme court and it also rules against him. Bundy still disagrees and decides to take his case to…where? The US District Court? The US Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit? The US Supreme Court? Sorry, but in Cliven’s world none of these courts exist, do they? Does he then declare that he doesn’t recognize the existence of the Nevada state government–or ANY government, for that matter? How far into the realm of absurdity would he push this?

What if due to climate change a drought hits the land…

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