RECAPTURING THE ‘LIBERTARIAN’ DREAM… great article about a great book….

“RECAPTURING THE ‘LIBERTARIAN’ DREAM * (In the sense that Chomsky tells us)…”Just as modern America has finally realised that the country was founded on the genocide of the indigenous population, the realisation is slowly emerging that also the country’s real democratic potential was destroyed by private greed. This development was clearly understood by contemporary classical democrats: “So Thomas Jefferson in 1816 expressed his fear that ‘the country was moving toward a single and splendid government of an aristocracy founded on banking institutions and monied incorporations’.” (p. 241)”
(This is always the centre from which I speak, when I try to talk about ‘inequality’, taxation of the Rich, social safetynets and the like. the Rich/Billionaires, WS, the Koch bros and their numerous ‘think tanks, e.g. Heritage Foundation , have been ‘founded’ to mislead us all, turn us against each other, and thus grab our lives and wealth away from us…. and watch us from high, laughing as we all argue and scramble for pieces of the broken American dream….ME). ( “ See, Recapturing the libertarian dream
By Tapani Lausti, Noam Chomsky, Chomsky on Democracy & Education. Edited by C.P. Otero. RoutledgeFarmer 2003.


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