REAL ‘TREASON’ IN OUR MIDST… the ‘Patriots’ behind the ‘American Spring’ of May 17 2014


A new American army is growing on American soil. They are prepared.”… the head line…
Personally, I find these words ‘Treasonous’…. Gel. Washington would have had these ‘patriots’ routed and jailed by now…. “Combine all these weapons with the millions of American veterans and you have a highly trained and well- armed militia ready, willing, and waiting to protect Americans from their own government. Was this not the original wisdom of the inclusion of the American Constitution’s very controversial Second Amendment?”
this page from the self described ‘secret militia’ ready to ‘take down our government’.. They use this faux ‘Insignia’..(see above) to appear like some real ‘Federal’ or National military… of course their ‘show’ this past weekend in D.C. I think shows how much their ‘pull’ is in the real heartland….Still, I hope the FBI is at least investigating their asses!!..  Read the article and see what you think.

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