Another rant from a mad hippie, July 25th , 2014

Ok, when the last Dem president was in. all the GOP could do was blast his wife and impeach him.. now they want to do the same to Obama...voted over 52 times to overturn the ACA...and have been the LEAST productive congress going for over 2 years... I am not a Democrat I am not a Republican. I am an American by birth...a Hippie by choice, and Damn tired of all of this.... and no one notices that the Corporations are running everything anyway....and the wealth and income gaps grow as less and less people can even make a living this supposedly 'blessed' country..
just don't Goddamned get it... We need a complete turnover in Congres and elswhere....need new parties or MORE parties....we are in a stranglehold of hoodlums called Bankers and corporate CEO's.. and we need a new Constitution that works for People... just my rant for today.  Peace

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