Whatever happened to the Bill of Rights?

What are we coming  to? ‘That Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and consult for their common good, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” –

1WHAT’S HAPPENING TO THE CITY OF FERGUSON IS NO LESS THAN AN UNINHIBITED POLICE STATE. PEOPLE LOCKED OUT OF THEIR HOMES POLICE. LOCAL ESTABLISHMENTS EMPTIED OF PEOPLE…. Whatever happened to .”The group claims it will release a photo of the officer at 10am local time (4pm GMT) on Thursday, with the officer’s address released at 12pm local time and if there is no response it will release a “full dox” at 2pm local time.”
I await 10 a.m. to see what happens. the Governor of Missouri to speak in Ferguson this morning..
Where are the freedoms of the press, freedom of Protest/of speech…. so many voices on all sides, reporters arrested sitting in a McDonald’s I have rarely seen such Unconstitutional actions as this and the DOJ has to act and investigate. Washington Post, CNN, and other news outlets have had reporters arrested or restricted


7 thoughts on “Whatever happened to the Bill of Rights?”

  1. CS Bob,

    I want to make sure I’m understanding you clearly; are you saying the rioting and looting are protected actions?

    I fully agree with you on the nature of the law enforcement actions; this is over reach of such unconstitutional nature it is incredible. But nothing that hasn’t been going on for years; decades really. We need to roll back the power of the police to control the streets in the name of ‘public safety’.

    Have them focus on arresting those who are committing illegal actions like looting, arson, etc.

    Bob S.

    1. NO, bob s. don’t just take simple what is complicated.. yes, there was some looking but you don’t mention the reporters STOPPED from doing their jobs and overall OVERWHELMING Militant activities against mostly peaceful observers and protestors who have now taken up the Meme, ‘Don’t shoot, hands up’.

      1. Don’t get snippy, I’m trying to make sure I understand what you support and don’t support.

        Let me be clear– because I said it originally, I agree with you regarding the nature of the law enforcement actions; illegal and unconstitutional. It needs to stop.

        Protesting, investigation, peaceful assembly — all of it should be protected. The police should be there to protect the protesters from harm, not limit their protest.

        Why do I imagine if this was at the Bundy ranch or some other ‘militia’ grouping you would be on the other side of your own argument?

        Because you stereotype people????

        The only thing I wanted to make sure was your support or not of the looting and rioting — why is that so hard to understand? It was my first question!

        If you read my blog, you’ll find that I’m quite against the militarization of the police, the tendency of the police to shoot too often and too quickly.

        If the militia or protesters at the Bundy ranch had burned down buildings, looted businesses, I would be condemning that. Other then the looting, I’m not condemning a single thing the people in Ferguson are doing. Stop stereotyping people; it makes having a polite conversation much harder.

        Bob S.

      2. You are taking my emphasis as ‘snippy’ wasn’t meant that way.
        no, I dont think the minimal violence was proper, and the young man’s parents spoke out about that , asking for Peace and no violence But the PROPORTIONAL reaction, against not only the ‘peaceful’ protestors and the PRess and innocent bystanders far outweighs the small violent outbreaks. You have to take into account what’s been shown about the long standing ‘policing’ of this city by the local police.. Obvious racism and more behind that… I am with the protestors , but again, you bring up a topic NOT in my original post..trying to change the conversation. I don’t like that and its pretty typical in discussions like this..
        the Massive thousands protesting have been NON violent and are demanding more information, and the release of the name of the cop who shot the young man.. This is now a civil rights issue, and supposedly the DOJ is getting involved. The Governor is to speak to today and hopefull giving the residents some answers which is all they wanted This is how I see this, not sure how and why you see it differently..

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