Stop the Violence from Ferguson to Gaza: 90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Arrested in St. Louis

Have to share this excellent story I heard from Democracy Now today, Wed., August 20, 2014..

[Hedy Epstein, 90-year-old Holocaust survivor who was arrested Monday at a protest outside Gov. Jay Nixon’s office in St. Louis. She is a co-founder of the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee and St. Louis branch of Jewish Voice for Peace.]

I want to link to the most excellent take and one that speaks for my heart on the wider situation in Ferguson, MO< but moreso in our country..
An interview on Democracy now today, Amy Goodman in Fergson, interviewing a 90 year old Holocaust survivor arrested last night, while protesting in Ferguson, who also has been in Palestine, supporting their cause and more… THIS IS AMAZING.. I provide the link, please read or listen to it all..
“HEDY EPSTEIN: The ongoing violence and the ongoing oppression that has been taking place in Ferguson of the African-American community. And that has to end. The whole structure of oppression there has to end. And right now, that’s the long-range problem. But at present now, the violence has to de-escalate. Instead of it, it’s being escalated. And the police chief of Ferguson has been trained in Israel how to mishandle, I’m sorry to have to say—”

[I have to say, that I have perhaps, or perhaps not lost some FB friends – whom I never met anyway – by seeing Bigotry and racism from people I didnt expect it from and saying so. That’ is how I see it when one strictly keeps lamenting the very few incidences of ‘looting’ – Fox/Faux news’ spectacular ‘meme’ – while the wider picture of ‘militarized’ police shooting young black males in the streets, while being incapable of speaking to the people whom they are supposed to ‘protect and SERVE’.. I know there is provocation on all sides, but that is because of the lack of  ‘De escalation’ of this madness from the overreacting police force, has pushed the people to the edge.. I know I will be criticized by some, over analysed and detracted, but I believe more, I will be Approved.] Read or listen to the interview. I heard it on the podcast, as I was walking today and it resonated so deeply with me, I was nearly in tears.. ‘BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL’ I’ll be called or worse by some, but, I speak from a sense of HUMANITY…People who speak out against Animal cruelty and some cannot see the Inhumanity of what’s going on? Please… Dont’ listen to me, listen to 90 year old Hedy Epstein.. she has my heart.


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