Post-Racial America and the Rev. Al Sharpton

Post Racial America Alert


I have read and heard a lot of Criticism of Rev. Al Sharpton from the Left and right..But, i must say at least, he’s the one that the family invited to the funeral on Monday, (of Michael Brown) in Missouri. He also happens to be the ‘center‘ of the story, wherever he is.. AND…. he is a SPOKESMAN for African Americans on the topic of Civil rights, Inequality, and Hate… Thus, he MUST speak out.. He’s a great speaker… no matter the content. I heard him once in person at a NAACP rally, against ‘stop and frisk’ in NYC a few years ago.
There IS and will continue to be Criticism of him no matter where is..He is not perfect, he takes ‘advantage’ of situations, because he CAN and because he is ‘asked’ to. I don’t agree with a lot of things he says,but he is the PreEminent speaker on Civil Rights today, like him or not.. Is he a ‘race baitor’? Stupid statement or question. He’s black, he’s in America, He will always be the subject of mistrust, hate and more …..nothing we can do about it.
My differences with him, come from the ‘corporate’ (MSNBC ,like it or not, they sell Fossil Fuels industry ‘lies’ all the time)….BS that he spouts sometimes… Can I judge him as civil rights spokesperson, and African American, speaking for his (and MY) people, NO.
Thus as the writer here says:
“The ongoing protests over the tragic shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., have brought much-needed attention to racial tensions as well as the militarization of police forces all over America. “
We need to , as a people, at least to listen to all voices on this, expose hatred, LIES, and Racism wherever we see it… At least that’s how i feel. So, we are stuck with Al. He’s not perfect, many others can do it better. But, Rev. Al is the ‘center of attention’ wherever he is… as I said,, We must not Let HE be the message,but listen to all voices of reason. Just my HO.



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