Our Real Terrorist problem.. righ here at home

A sharing of my FB friend, Robert Barker’s excellent take on Terrorism

We are out to dismantle extremist Islam but the extremist nuts here are ignored…The far right extremist pose more problems for us than extreme Islam, and we have a plan to eliminate extremist Islam and I am all for that… But our immediate threat is not from Islam on our homeland, its from right wing so called Christians, and extremist fascist and their agenda to force us to theocratic ways or lose our justice in their favors.
They bomb abortion clinics, Kill Dr’s, threaten to kill Federal agents trying to enforce the laws. One killed several liberal Christians in a church in Tennessee, screaming “die Liberals die.”
They bombed the Federal building in Oklahoma killing many children and adults that were innocent of wrongs. Many other terrorist acts have been thwarted by authorities, before they could do their evils.
They call for death to our president, and others in our system that disagree with their hate agenda. And they harbor hate of other races and any governmental agency that tries to uphold equality in our land.
They threaten our middle class with death, and stand behind frozen wages, even though it hurts them as well, for they suck up to the rich white fascist that hold us down with lower wages as prices rise. This wage freeze creates more welfare and Food Stamp recipients from hard working people that cannot make it on minimum wages Then they complain about too many on welfare or food stamps, as they create the need for such things.
They cry foul when civil rights are protected, gay marriage is legalized, bringing equality to our people in the gay community pisses them off..
They form militias and not to defend against governments repression or threats to the homeland, but to defend against governments attempts to bring equality and social justice to our lives. In fact I have seen many say that social justice is a bad word and should be eliminated from our process. That’s right, they hate the concept of social justice, they rail for straight Caucasians to have justice, but not liberals Gays or minorities… White Right is their might…Glen Beck did many shows on eliminating social justice, and the gun happy nuts grow bolder
They do not care if gov represses others, but the fact that as a country we protect the atheist, the minorities, and the Gay population, with laws that would not be necessary if not for them and the racist, xenophobic, homophobic views they cherish.
Our extremist are the most urgent problem we face, far more than Isis or any Islamic terror.
For we can keep the Islamic terrorist out, but the Right wing terrorist are here and now.
Face it, the true threat to our ways of life, carry Confederate flags, or American flags in their lapels, and espouse hate of all that seem different to them and gain from the sickness in the hearts of so many… Right Wing terror is here and now.
This should be our first priority
Sept, 16, 2014


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