PEOPLE’S CLIMATE CHANGE MARCH.. Sept. 21, 2014. My own story

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The Peoples climate change march, on the MountainKeeper bus from Liberty NY to NYC and the .. Thanks to

[One of the better display/signs in the march.]
It started at 7 am, on the bus from Liberty NY to NYC.. Took about 1 ½ hours to West 86th street where most of the buses in were parked. We walked from there to Central Park West, and 59th st, or Columbus Circle. Waited 2 hours in the march lineup as more and more people and groups came.
We were with the larger Anti FRACKING contingent, probably several hundred or more people and groups from all over , international.

We waited in line at 86 (cross street), 81 to 79th. My friend Claude from NJ and some friends were going to meet up with me, or I with them, but I couldn’t really move out of the spot we were in ,being barricaded in on most sides and the crowds coming and going. I could hardly move.
Several attempts at texting my friend Claude, for the next hour or three, didn’t work. He misunderstood me, and vice versa. So , I just gave up on that. Stayed with the Mountain keeper, group from my country and we all got along. Mostly older (than 50 )crowd, a nice group of younger girls dressed to kill and stun. [ 🙂 ]

On the heels of this, or maybe because of this , the Rockefeller family foundation, like many more now is Divesting of all fossil fuel investments. In a Huffington Post article, it reads, “The fossil fuel divestment movement has gained many other high-profile supporters in recent months, including actor Mark Ruffalo.
“It’s a snowballing movement,” Stephen Heintz, president of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, told USA Today.According to the Washington Post, the Rockefeller s plan to first divest from coal and tar-sands mining”

The Lineup of the March, is available here

People's climate march NYC, lineup
People’s climate march NYC, lineup

(… which separated by march routes the major groups of the March from 86th St. down to 59th st and Central Park East.
Later the march was to go to 34th st, and disperse. Due to the size of the March (over 310,000)…we were asked to disperse early, and our group, the Anti Fracking contingent dispersed at West 42nd and then down to W. 22nd and our bus.
Maps are below. The Major Contingencies… and the others (including various groups and our Anti Fracking groups from all over but mainly NYS).

Indigenous Peoples
Between 61st and 62nd St.
Environmental Justice Communities
Between 62nd and 63rd St.

Sandy and other climate-impacted communities
Between 63rd and 64th St.Contingent
Indigenous Peoples
Environmental Justice Communities
Sandy and other climate-impacted communities
Migrant Justice, Housing Justice, Farm workers, Domestic Workers

And then, the others..
It’s appropriate and deliberate for the Indigenous and Climate change ‘impacted’ groups to be first..Among the many speakers were actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill McKibben, of, (organizer of the event), and various experts, scientists, and others.
I, was marching with the Anti Fracking contingent, which included, filmmaker and upstate NY anti Fracking activists, Josh Fox of ‘Gasland’ and ‘Gasland II’, actor/activist Mark Ruffalo, who lives and has a farm in my own county of Sullivan in Calicoon, NY. I was lucky to meet Josh Fox in person, and saw, Zepher Teachout, Progressive Democratic challenger in the recent primary to Gov. Cuomo, who though only getting into the run in the past several months, won over 35 % of the Democratic vote against Cuomo.
Moving among the marchers a few hours later, I was able to see many of the groups, flying dirigibles, and other ‘flying’ things, as well as the diverse groups, including, ‘Veterans for Peace’, various Socialist groups, and some I couldn’t even identify.
I missed her, personally, but wish I had seen Amy Goodman, of DEMOCRACY NOW on FreespeechTV, who Sunday was, from my reckoning, the only Journalist to give a total 3 hour special on her program interviewing many of the speakers and politicians, activists, among whom were Bernie Sanders, Robert Kennedy Jr., Bill McKibben.
I have been in many marches and protests in my time, against war, for LGBT Civil rights, Occupy Wall street, at Zuccotti Park and beyond, but this is the biggest march I can remember since the 1960s, and I am glad to have been a part of it.
I write this to inform, and share my experience with those friends, family, and others who couldn’t be there, and to let people know, who only watch mainstream ‘corporate’ media that this was more than just , ‘another protest or march’.. but an opening salvo in a growing International movement (over 170 other cities had marches as well).. in the fight for our Lives, Home, and the Future.
The ‘debate’ about Climate change, human caused IS over. If you believe Science, and you believe in the scientific methods and that over 97 – 99 % of the worlds leading scientific groups and climate specialists support and WARN us, that we might just be past the ‘point of no return’ in this, and Change in the form of fast melting Ice sheets from Greenland to Antarctica, the Permafrost in Siberia to Alaska, and Rising sea levels , as well, the extreme climate changes in our own lives, in the past 30 years, witnessed by more and bigger and more destructive Hurricanes, Massive storms (recently on the East coast, Irene – 2011, Sandy 2012)…and much worse to come, EVEN if we can muster all nations now and especially at the 2016 Climate Summit.
The Warnings have been ongoing since before the 1960s, and now ARE our Reality.

From, an article, ‘The Climate Misinformation Nation’ , 5/16/2012, in The Berkeley Blog”,
“Clouding the air
Why then does the climate change “debate” continue?  There seem to be a few factors at play:
The intense polarization of our political parties, with environmentalism tagged as a Democratic issue, even when a healthy number of Republicans support clean energy;
Mainstream media’s bias towards the debate format, which lends disproportionate air time to climate change deniers.
Lack of clear information and reporting on the scientific consensus that climate change is real and that humans are a major contributor.
Prioritization of economic issues over environmental issues and the public perception that environmental regulation hurts job growth.
In the digital age, easy access to authorship, strong trends towards personalization in media consumption, and instantaneous dissemination of information – whether accurate or not.
These factors – among others – have contributed to our current state: The public is simply not aware of, or not convinced by, the degree of scientific agreement on anthropogenic climate change.  The challenge, therefore, is how to cut through the haze and effectively communicate this scientific consensus.” (

For those who wish ‘reliable’ data and information about the Truth about our dire situation, and some possible remedies, including Green power, some Web sites and groups are listed below
350.ORG, SIERRA CLUB (Sierra), CLIMATE CHANGE FACTS -from the EPA (, EPA – “Climate Change Facts: Answers to Common Questions” (,, ClimateProgress at “’, and so many more….

If you want to follow, be in on the Next steps in this, one good place to go is NEXTGEN CLIMATE, at

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