Thomas Paine, founder and agnostic

Was  Thomas Paine, a founder? debatable, but definitely one of our philosophers. what did he say about the major religions?
“Noble in concept but highly unlikely for some, naïve in reality. Every one of those in some combination is caustic and highly reactive. Like Magnesium and oxygen; highly volatile. Nearly EVERY war, conflict, injustice in the World has been associated with a religion. I ascribe to these wise words:
I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of… Each of those churches accuse the other of unbelief; and for my own part, I disbelieve them all.”- Thomas Paine (The Age of Reason, 1794-1795.) “

So, let the ‘Domininist’ Christians chew on that… we were NOT founded on ANY religion.. we were founded on ‘freedom of religion’ as corrupt as that is…and considering the other ‘freedoms’ of the state of our founding Principles (no voting for blacks/slaves, women, those without property, and of course the Indigenous poplution=Indians …)


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