excellent analysis of the Ferguson decision and situation as it stands.. wish I could have done it so clearly

From a Facebook friend’s post.
Nov. 25, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how I wasn’t expecting the Jury decision on the murder of Michael Brown to be nothing else but a whitewash. Well, Prosecutor McCulloch made me and many more of us look like prophets. He delivered what was expected.

I was ready to write a response to what I saw last night from McCulloch, and from the community explosion that followed. But, my friend Michael Wade Douglass beat me to the point. Michael what I believe is the perfect article on the issue. Later on, we will deal with other issues that need to be dealt with like what does this means to the Black community, and what also means to businesses in communities that the police is full of racism, and is not able to extricate itself from that malignancy that affects the character of the department. We have to take the steps that were not taken after the Civil War to deal with this malignancy.

Below is Michael Wade Douglass superb analysis:
It was all over before the shouting when county prosecutor Robert McCulloch opted to actually try the case before a secret grand jury as opposed to simply and traditionally allowing the matter to be tried in a public court of law. The fix was in from the start. Not just a stage set, but the entire drama enacted beneath a proscenium already tainted with a protracted history of racial animus endorsed and facilitated by regional cabal.

McCullough made a conscious decision to forego the proverbial ham sandwich.
It doesn’t take a hundred days to determine whether to try a white cop for shooting an unarmed black teen to death six to ten times from well over a hundred feet away. It does however, take that long to construct an elaborate trail of distortion and obfuscation to to justify the complete exoneration and immunity from any future criminal prosecution and consequence of a white cop who shot an unarmed black teen to death from well over a hundred feet away.

Robert McCulloch labored at least as much as an advocate for the defense of Darren Wilson as he did to discharge his statutory obligation as county prosecutor. He did not charge, nor did he recommend. He orchestrated behind closed doors. He took it upon himself to prevent a legitimate trial for an undisputed homicide. He eschewed transparency. Was there even a whiff of justification for the use of deadly force? Was there anything at all in exculpatory in terms of lethal threat or the absence thereof posed by Michael Brown?


I can’t help but consider these concepts and ideals to be central, vital and thoroughly unimpeachable in the pursuit of justice in any case where a boy is left to die bleeding in the street. Shot to death. Unarmed. From over a hundred feet away by a policeman who suffered a swollen cheek. Where in McCulloch’s press conference was there any mention of these things? I didn’t hear a goddamn word about them.

McCulloch was thorough, articulate and reprehensibly derelict.

I predicted this exact outcome months ago.
I watch the chaos and violence unfold tonight on my television and it’s hard. Hard to reconcile my heart and my head. It’s so senseless. So useless. These businesses burning have no dog in this hunt. The destruction is being visited on the innocent once again. That’s some irony right there. Most people won’t understand this. They’ll see it for the crazy that it is. It breaks my heart. It breaks my heart because there’s a part of me that genuinely understands. There’s a part of me that just can’t bring myself to blame them.

What most people won’t understand, what so many Americans simply cannot relate to, is that this is not merely crazy. It is desperation. It is the realization of a hollow futility. When hope and justice are revoked by institutions, when the people the who are led to believe they can trust and rely on them see them end in vapor, a profound vacuum manifests in that wake.

It is this that we now bear witness to.

Michael Brown was executed for adolescent hubris while being black in a town where he was only guilty of not knowing better.


Ferguson as the nature of our being…

Tuesday, November 25 , 2014…..
the day after the ‘grand jury’ in St Louis county court denied any justice to the family of Mike Brown, shot down, obviously fleeling from the gun shots of Officer Dan Wilson…of Ferguson police dept., and NO indictment at all of this officer for no wrong doing.

You  can argue with me, I will attend a vigil in my home city of Poughkeepsie, NY outside the Dutchess county Jail, in Poughkeepsie NY with a small group of caring, knowing people, acknowledging the INJUSTICE of our system, ‘white privilege’ aside, this is the ‘system endemic’ problem we have….what can one do.. scream at your TV at home, get out and attend a protest, burn, destroy (I don’t advise, but those in Ferguson have had enough of this, I don’t blame them for any reactions.)…I will do and say SOMETHING.. we cannot be quiet in the face of a broken, and RACIST system…. following a CNN headline this morning.

“A Jewish Perspective on Reparations” (Religion Dispatches)

Worth repeating.. people must hear an alternate voice than the Corporate/militarist Israeli/USA Press

The Leftern Wall

[Published in Religion Dispatches on November 21st]

”Most of the homeless people in Berlin are Jewish. Some of them wear tattered black yarmulkes, their matted beards clinging to emaciated cheeks. Their eyes are sunken and glazed as they plead with German passersby for help. It’s like this all over Germany. The street corners and slums of every major German city, from Munich to Nuremberg, are filled with Jews struggling to cope with extreme poverty, many of them addicted to drugs and alcohol.

The same is true of German prisons: almost half of all incarcerated Germans are Jewish, despite Jews making up only 12% of the German populace. Recently, controversy erupted when a German police officer shot and killed an unarmed Jewish teenager from a poor neighborhood. In an online campaign to raise money for the policeman, some of the 78,000 supporters wrote messages telling angry members of the German Jewish community…

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Seniors May Be Giving Up AARP Membership in Favor of Groups Trying to Privatize Medicare, Social Security

BUZZFLASH.. !!!!!!


I’ve been reading the book by the authors of this excellent  site …  “Climate Change Denial; heads in the sand”, by Hadyn Washington and John Cook.


I no longer bother to argue, ‘science’ with bogus ‘science’, ‘bought off’ science, and the Inane pseudo arguments of the ‘Denial’ Universe. (handsomely supported and paid for by big oil, coal etc…).
I present the facts… If one doesn’t beleive  the ‘scientific method’ .

  • The scientific method is a way to ask and answer scientific questions by making observations and doing experiments.
  • The steps of the scientific method are to:
    • Ask a Question
    • Do Background Research
    • Construct a Hypothesis
    • Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
    • Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
    • Communicate Your Results
      Thereafter there is little you or I can do to convince ‘denier’s’ one way or another.. the ‘Spaghetti Monster’ is out of the Bag. …
      SKEPTICALSCIENCE .com… presents the usual (over 100), arguments b y ‘denial’ universe and the simple ‘Scientific’ method answers…. this is so reasonable and simple….
      Please use wisely

Get out the vote… Please consider voting Progessive, Sean Eldrige.. NY Cong. Dist. 19


Sean Eldridge grew up in a small town in Ohio and went to public schools. His father was the first person in his family to graduate from high school, and his mother grew up in a working class family of immigrants. From a young age, Sean’s family instilled in him the value of being involved in his community and fighting for those who don’t have a voice.

Sean has built his home, his family, and his business in the Hudson Valley. He lives in Shokan, NY with his husband Chris and their dog, Lucy. Sean serves as the president of Kingston-based Hudson River Ventures, a company that invests in small businesses to help them grow and create new jobs in our region. Hudson River Ventures has helped grow more than a dozen businesses, including Bread Alone, Chatham Brewery, Prohibition Distillery, Gigi Hudson Valley, and many others.

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Sean is an advocate for families in our region.  He served on the board of Planned Parenthood in the Hudson Valley and has fought to protect women’s right to choose and access health care. As an advocate for civil rights, he helped lead the successful campaign for marriage equality in New York State in 2011. He’s also worked to protect our environment and prevent fracking in our region.

Sean is running for Congress to help break the gridlock in Washington. He’ll fight for campaign finance reform to reduce the influence of corporate money and elevate the voices of New Yorkers. Sean is an advocate who will shake things up and put families first.