Ferguson as the nature of our being…

Tuesday, November 25 , 2014…..
the day after the ‘grand jury’ in St Louis county court denied any justice to the family of Mike Brown, shot down, obviously fleeling from the gun shots of Officer Dan Wilson…of Ferguson police dept., and NO indictment at all of this officer for no wrong doing.

You  can argue with me, I will attend a vigil in my home city of Poughkeepsie, NY outside the Dutchess county Jail, in Poughkeepsie NY with a small group of caring, knowing people, acknowledging the INJUSTICE of our system, ‘white privilege’ aside, this is the ‘system endemic’ problem we have….what can one do.. scream at your TV at home, get out and attend a protest, burn, destroy (I don’t advise, but those in Ferguson have had enough of this, I don’t blame them for any reactions.)…I will do and say SOMETHING.. we cannot be quiet in the face of a broken, and RACIST system…. following a CNN headline this morning.

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