Thoughts on the Eric Garner, Grand jury decision.. not to prosecute… Can we hope for change?

December 4 , 2014

The President said today: “”We are not going to let up until we see a strengthening of the trust and a strengthening of the accountability between our communities and our law enforcement,” Obama said. – “”

New York lawmakers called for change: “They called for a national conversation on race and policing—hoping that the country will finally figure out how to solve an issue that has plagued it for far too long. – “”

I have been to two protests and will go to NYC tomorrow to join in the call for justice…. but, what can we seriously hope for.  No change in Missouri, no hope in NYC of all places. (where I have lived and I know about)..

I believe this nation needs a stronger, larger conversation as South Africa did after Apartheid was defeated and the first true democracy came.. but it came after a call for ‘Truth and Reconcilation’.. we need this about ourselves, our leaders.and our minds… If we have to stop traffic, if we have to stop people, and business in its regular procedures, to MAKE PEOPLE LISTEN…. will you join? can you? do you wish to? do you understand?.. Can we change as a people?

Just some thoughts from an old fighting Hippie, and fighter for Gay rights and much more.. Peace..
Bob D…..Up in the Hillls, and hoping for more..

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