A Tale of Disagreements.. The Mayor of NYC and head of the NYC PBA.. disagree…

Tens of thousands perhaps march in NYC… and marches in most major cities… do we want Peace? yes, do we want to feel safe from thieves, or others who seek to harm us , Yes, but what if the police are the ones you expect to harm you if you walk out on the street daily? …its a complicated and systematic racism, since after the Civil War, since Jim Crow, since, our civil Rights era… this has never stopped and now we see and hear those who have suffered constantly and those who support them (me included), out on the street expressing their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS… Seemingly the Mayor of NYC and the Police PBA or Union, disagree on this… There should NOT be any disagreement.. this bothers me immensely as a Citizen, as a Patriot, and has an American…
the head of the PBA, says, :” Mr. Garner made a choice that day to resist arrest.”
PATRICK LYNCH, PBA PRESIDENT – the Mayor gave a beautiful speech…”Mayor de Blasio addressed the grand jury decision in a lengthy news conference Wednesday, mentioning his own biracial son and how the issue of race and policing tactics was “profoundly personal” to him. “I’ve had to worry, over the years, Chirlane’s had to worry – was Dante safe each night? There are so many families in this city who feel that each and every night – is my child safe?” The mayor also described Garner as “a father, a husband, a son, a good man – a man who should be with us, and isn’t. I really need say no more on this…..its all being said, or has been said… Equal rights for all, to be treated the same as your neighbor……HANDSUP…! AND “I CAN’T BREATHE’ are our temporary cries on the streets… in the wake of recent killings of black males, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner… grand juries return NO Indictments..and a 12 year old boy killed on the street in Cleveland…for holding a plastic gun… in less than a minute by a policemen……. who will hear our cries for justice?

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