Thoughts for a new year…

A THOUGHT FOR THE NEW YEAR. I have to be honest.. I am of two minds about soldiers, veterans and militarism in general.. we should always question everything…. as Gen. and President Eisenhower himself warned us of the ‘military industrial (orignallly added corporate) complex’….. I understand that some see the Army, Navy and their ads and think this is a way of having a career, whether out of lack of ability to go to college, or some sort of ‘patriotism’… I get it… but, in sense, they made up their own minds and are responsible for what they have done to themselves, their families, chlidren, if they have… YES< the Government for all its BS, has to and should take care of them when they come back half a person, more than wounded, mentally and physicially.. and in that I support them.. But, and in this I will be misunderstood or crticized, I know… they, in most part didn’t go to serve or ‘protect’ me (or us) in particular unless there was a direct threat against our shores…This can be debated, of course, what is a threat.. But, is there a threat to us, in Iraq, and Afghanistan, (Pakistan where we are carrying our an anonymous ‘unseen’ drone war against innocents, mostly?) and surrounding areas… i ask these questions of myself everyday, and ask others to just consider this for a moment… do we want or need to be in Iraq (we still have troops there btw), and Afghanistan, for fear of whom, Isis/Isil?…. whom the President, himself said are not currently a threat to us? and how many of the over 150 plus bases around the world do we really need, need to continue to populate, pay for? when Our own infrastructure is falling apart…? our nations’ poor, and more and more ‘middle class’ cannot afford to feed, or house their own? what have we become? when is it enough? I ask myself constantly these thoughts and questions in my mind, everytime i hear of a new ‘threat’ out there… Am I alone, am I to be considered ‘unpatriotic’ (whatever that means) for asking this and posing these questions.. just some thoughts for the New Year.. what kind of year will we have,? worse, more wars, destruction, innocents killed, out own minorities threatened because someone in D..C . decided it was a good idea to ‘Miltarize’ our local police (unconstitutional by the way)…. I claim to be a paciifist and  I am…but that ‘s not why I ask these questions…. thoughts anyone? Peace in the new year…. a futile thought mostly, because we mostly have no control over whats happening and what our own government will do…


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