The Militarization of our culture and society… a view from an onlooker and citizen

The difference between the earlier America that knew its military and the modern America that gazes admiringly at its heroes shows up sharply in changes in popular and media culture. While World War II was under way, its best-known chroniclers were the Scripps Howard reporter Ernie Pyle, who described the daily braveries and travails of the troops (until he was killed near the war’s end by Japanese machine-gun fire on the island of Iejima), and the Stars and Stripes cartoonist Bill Mauldin, who mocked the obtuseness of generals and their distance from the foxhole realities faced by his wisecracking GI characters, Willie and Joe”

This is the first is a series I will be posting to my blog (catskillbobs blogosphere on wordpress)…in shorter form and enlarging for OdEdnews and perhaps Firedoglake. There are many critics out there, including some great books written about the historical outlook, even recently by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. I will be including some content by Chalmers Johnson and Noam Chomsky among others. ..My biggest concern is the daily ‘militarization’ of our lives in many ways, in our daily TV, shows, news, and our cultural, deeply entrenched. Automatically considering anyone from any American segment, as ‘heroes’ no matter what, no matter the history of our military, i believe, is unfair to our National self portrait, and undermines daily freedoms. I do not mean to demean personal heroicism by individuals, of which there are many. My point and my commentary are aimed at dangers, of ‘segmentation’, ‘regimenation’, loss of civil rights and worse in our culture…. I hope this will be found in the spirit i wish to portray, as ‘all Americans, all HUMANS are of value, and all people are or should be equal and equal in the site of all of us.. A point of view sorely needed considered the revealing of our inherent Racism, bigotry, Homophobia and inequal system of justice , espeically for people of color. The most recent examples of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, black men, who were Unarmed , on our streets (the worst offense performed by one as possibly illegally selling individually selling cigarettes on the streets of NYC.
Using as a jumping point the excellent article in the Atlantic this month called, “The Tragedy of the American Military”… (Jan/Feb 2015 issue)…..(“” )

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