NY Assembly passes bill to create universal health coverage ,The Associated Press


The New York Assembly has voted 89-47 for legislation to establish publicly funded universal health coverage in a so-called single payer system.

All New Yorkers could enroll if the bill became law, but an identical bill hasn’t advanced in the state Senate.

With no patient premiums, deductibles or co-payments for hospital and doctor visits, testing, drugs or other care, New York Health would pay providers through collectively negotiated rates.

It would take insurers out of the mix, funded instead through a progressive payroll tax paid 80 percent by employers and 20 percent by employees.

Waivers would be sought so federal funds now received for New Yorkers in Medicare, Medicaid and Child Health Plus would apply.

Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, chief sponsor, predicts it would save New Yorkers more than $45 billion annually.

Assembly Republicans doubt that estimate.

“Assembly passage of New York Health will elevate the issue on the public agenda and change the conversation from ‘it’s a great idea that will never happen’ to a truly achievable goal,” said Gottfried.


Humanity, Not Quite Ready for Civilization: Part I

As Vulcans at first thought of us… are we really ready? “While a few human beings are clearly primed for Civilization, and millions more are ready to give Civilization a gung-ho go, far too many are interested in harming one another on the way to material success, in controlling the thoughts and bodies of their neighbors, to protect well the common interests of all. Beyond that, human systems remain tilted in favor of Ayn Randean objectivist demons; the tentacles of the Enemy-Making Machine and the Global Military Industrial Complex stretch near-terminally across our globe like a glioblastoma tumor.”

Read more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/humanity-not-quite-ready-civilization-part/

We must, in short, Civilize. But this will require a massive, pan-global effort which humanity isn’t even close to ready to attempt—let alone attain.

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“Oath Keepers” Are Now Promoting Themselves To White Nationalists

I don’t say all Oathkeepers are right wing nuts, or dangerous, but their ‘constitutional’ interpretations are their Own, and don’t always agree with standard interpretations, and they admit themselves that they have ‘fringe’ types attached to their group

The Lamp

The Oath Keepers are a right wing extremist group claiming to be made up of both military and law enforcement personnel. This fact has not escaped the Pentagon, which may consider dishonorably discharging Oath Keepers and other members of “extremist organizations.”

The “Oath Keepers” was formed as an opposition reaction to the Obama presidency, specifically targeting the military and law enforcement community to unite a martial oriented rightwing movement. History remembers another episode where a rebellious military cadre united with reactionary forces to oppose and ultimately bring down a democratic government: Franco’s Nationalist revolution in Spain. Unsurprisingly, the Oath Keeper movement has found ardent supporters amongst nationalists and fascists of all stripes, like this post on the forum of the Keystone State Skinheads.

(Keystone State Skinhead/Nazi Forum Stormfront member/military soldier “Adolf Otto” recruits for Oath Keepers on racist Nazi forums )

There is no lack of amusement, then, when…

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When is an Immigrant not an Immigrant?

When they are brought here under false pretenses and promises..

I attended a rally/march for local justice for undocumented workers in the nearby small Catskills town of LIberty NY… Over 200 workers were let go with no warning, (some having been told the would be on short holiday and back to work). Some of the workers with they families dependent  upon them and no rights as such, have been with this company, Ideal Snacks of LIberty NY, for up to ten years. Local activist and other friends invited me and of course I support some kind of justice for them. Some of what they are demanding is full back pay including unpaid vacation time, and some kind of severance agreements. Most of these workders (mostly Mexican and /or South American, had been led to believe that they would be put on a track to Green card , legal worker status (I-9)… and have had nothing of the sort.

I stood and listened to their stories in front of Ideal Snack foods factory in town, of physical, verbal abuse and constant sexual abuse of the women.. This had been long time and ongoing according to their stories..  This is essence, is the American ‘Latin’ immigrant experience.  Its virtual modern ‘slavery’ (something we talk about a lot in Asia and some other countries, but have long time ignored in our own. This is what we need first, justice for these workers and those like them, and then, some passage of an Immigration bill that is fair to all, ensuring some ‘path to citizenship’ for all, and prosecution of companies keeping workers in such situations..

There are many difficulties and tangled situations to this ,but from things i heard from some sources, they (the workers) were possibly looking towards unionization, or other things not liked by the company.

Ideal Snacks has said ,denying the abuse claims, ‘”Outrageous claims of racial discrimination and sexual harassment are baseless,” said the statement on behalf of Ideal by Middletown lawyer Ronald Kossar. Ideal also threatened “swift legal action” for what it called “slanderous statements meant to harm our reputation or bully our organization into unionization.”
The IDA, INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, supposedly supporting Ideal and other missions in the county is said to have misled the public in much of what they do and say..

The March ended peacefully, from outside La Polt Park, in Liberty to in front of the barracades  at  Ideal Foods last evening well after 5:30 pm.  Local Sheriff”s office and Liberty Police were maintaining peace… One annoying fact was the faces of obvious Company employees or security looking threateningly on….During the first speakers, several ‘company’ cars next to the area where they were speaking from, had their emergency alerts go off, obviously in an effort to drown out the speakers… Very bad manners.  Present were County legislator Cora Edwards, Former UFCW representative Sandra Cuellar Oxford and others representing various ministries and Immigrant rights groups.

Company men
IMG_20150518_164439631[1] Company men


All About.. Myths about Welfare and ‘Corporate’ welfare…. some truth..

I hear lies, half truths, misleading information daily about how ‘immigrants’ and undocumented workers ‘take, and ‘take’ and we pay for them etc. (and I am only talking about close friends and FAMILY here, saying this BS) .. Let’s get a little grip. I, as a citizen and taxpayer (yes, I’m retired but I pay federal, state and local taxes on everything!), would be upset if I thought this was true.. or if I thought that a large percentage of the population, not born in this country, were not contributing, paying taxes etc.. but it just isn’t true. I understand immensely and concur that Veterans, the poor, and many more are being treated unequally, or not getting taken care of properly. There are massive problems with veteran and others getting the help they need, But, remember, these are all subsidized, if not totally by Government ‘social ‘programs, that are continually being run down, cut and worse by the conservative , right wing and extremists,, they are the ones doing this.  Before this we should know who are getting the ‘real’ welfare, or ‘tax breaks’, right out SUBSIDIES … People don’t get this , Corporations, companies.. the worst: from ( http://thinkbynumbers.org/government-spending/corporate-welfare/corporate-welfare-statistics-vs-social-welfare-statistics/ ) “What IS considered corporate welfare? Subsidies – On the other hand, the $15 billion in subsidies contained in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, to the oil, gas, and coal industries, would be considered corporate welfare because no goods or services are directly returned to the government in exchange for these expenditures. Most of the pigs at the government trough are among the biggest companies in America, including: The Big 3 automakers Boeing Archer Daniels Midland Enron but the WORST — over 40 % of the government subsidies go to Farms..large ,corporate farms.. “The result is that the absolute largest 7% of corporate farming operations receive 45% of all subsidies. (Edwards, Downsizing the Federal Government, 2004) So instead of protecting family farms, these subsidies actually enhance the ability of large industrial operations to shut them out of the market.” – http://thinkbynumbers.org/government-spending/corporate-welfare/corporate-welfare-statistics-vs-social-welfare-statistics/– . NOW , READ the link  below: Top 10 Myths About Immigration By Leo Anchondo of Justice for Immigrantsenergy-subsidies-chart -“http://www.immigrationpolicy.org/high-school/top-10-myths-about-immigration”  (e.g. Immigrants don’t pay taxes’.. etc…)

“Why Modern Paganism is Good For Today’s Families” by Debra Macleod

Humanistic Paganism

This article is part of a two-part series discussing the rise and role of modern paganism in today’s families. Part I tells the author’s story, while Part II expands into the history and principles of some practices. This article was first published at The Huffington Post.

I grew up in an atheist home. It was a happy, kind-hearted and good-humoured one, with parents who loved each other as much as they loved their kids (and who still do). We had our own traditions: summer trips to the cabin, car wash blitzes on the driveway and sledding in the winter. Suckers for a hard-luck story, we fostered stray animals — abused pups, orphaned ducklings, one-legged pigeons, you name it.

My dad — a self-proclaimed redneck — was a man ahead of his time. Despite living in Canada’s Evangelical Bible belt, he had the guts to speak up for gay rights at a time…

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