Christianity is on the decline in the US. Many studies are showing this now. But…don’t fret…

We are a Changing nation. Many studies have attested to the same a Republic, and a nation whose founding principles were based on NO church state relationship, one would wonder why some can’t accept that the USA is a ‘nation of immigrants’ and of multiple faiths..there is no WAR on Christianity (Still be far the largest religion in the US),but, we’ll see all kinds of ‘fear’ mongering, race and faith related reactions… its natural.. All i can say is, ‘get over it’.. its happening, its always happened in this nation…..we have to go forward ‘together’ peacefully, or fall apart…. WE Are our own downfall, not any outside forces.. We’ll never be concured from without, but we’ll IMPLODE from Within.. geez, this is quite logical and historical… i can’t believe I am alone in assessing this. its quite clear and supposedly what that ‘lady’ in New York harbor symbolizes.


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