All About.. Myths about Welfare and ‘Corporate’ welfare…. some truth..

I hear lies, half truths, misleading information daily about how ‘immigrants’ and undocumented workers ‘take, and ‘take’ and we pay for them etc. (and I am only talking about close friends and FAMILY here, saying this BS) .. Let’s get a little grip. I, as a citizen and taxpayer (yes, I’m retired but I pay federal, state and local taxes on everything!), would be upset if I thought this was true.. or if I thought that a large percentage of the population, not born in this country, were not contributing, paying taxes etc.. but it just isn’t true. I understand immensely and concur that Veterans, the poor, and many more are being treated unequally, or not getting taken care of properly. There are massive problems with veteran and others getting the help they need, But, remember, these are all subsidized, if not totally by Government ‘social ‘programs, that are continually being run down, cut and worse by the conservative , right wing and extremists,, they are the ones doing this.  Before this we should know who are getting the ‘real’ welfare, or ‘tax breaks’, right out SUBSIDIES … People don’t get this , Corporations, companies.. the worst: from ( ) “What IS considered corporate welfare? Subsidies – On the other hand, the $15 billion in subsidies contained in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, to the oil, gas, and coal industries, would be considered corporate welfare because no goods or services are directly returned to the government in exchange for these expenditures. Most of the pigs at the government trough are among the biggest companies in America, including: The Big 3 automakers Boeing Archer Daniels Midland Enron but the WORST — over 40 % of the government subsidies go to Farms..large ,corporate farms.. “The result is that the absolute largest 7% of corporate farming operations receive 45% of all subsidies. (Edwards, Downsizing the Federal Government, 2004) So instead of protecting family farms, these subsidies actually enhance the ability of large industrial operations to shut them out of the market.” –– . NOW , READ the link  below: Top 10 Myths About Immigration By Leo Anchondo of Justice for Immigrantsenergy-subsidies-chart -“”  (e.g. Immigrants don’t pay taxes’.. etc…)


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