Two Visions of Freedom… by a high school student..

Two Visions of Freedom

by  Ryne Tipton High School Student, Dobyns Bennett H…

I believe that the working class- those who don’t own the “means of production” in Marxist terms- are ultimately alienated from society due to their lack of ownership and must be placed in at least partial control over the institutions in which they work, or their freedom can never be sufficiently realized. I think liberal democracy (as it currently exists) with its parliamentary procedure and indirect style of governance, spectator politics and personality focus, keeps ordinary people from taking part in a political process which they ought to be responsible for. And, finally, I believe that trying to make capitalism better through strategic government intervention is short-sighted and doomed to fail. A dash of social reform and a pinch of regulation will not make the bitter taste and sour inequality of capitalism go down with ease. As long as the wealthy and powerful are allowed to maintain their power without true democratic accountability, they will continue to abuse those beneath them and justify this abuse through intellectual fantasies and bunk economic theories.

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