Sharia Law and Fundamentalist Christianity



This is  excellent,, had to re blog.. by Erin Nanasi

For a few years, secularists and scholars have claimed Sharia law and fundamentalist Christian tenets are mirror images of one another. We’ve all heard fundamentalist Christians compared to the Taliban, or read articles about the Quiverfull movement or listened, horrified, as Rick Santorum compared homosexuality to bestiality, but I wanted to know more. Are there true similarities, blindingly clear similarities, between Sharia law and fundamental Christianity? Yes.

We’ll begin with homosexuality, because it is here that Sharia law and fundamentalist Christianity truly collide. According to a 2012 article in The Guardian, the Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi-Amoli, an Islamic scholar, stated that homosexuals are inferior to dogs and pigs. Citing the Qur’an, he made the argument for killing homosexuals by hanging. Pastor Curtis Knapp recently said, during a sermon, that the United States government should kill all gay people. Pastor Charles Worley wants to put the LGBT community in concentration camps and let them die out. So, fundamentalist Christian leaders agree with an Islamic scholar, a follower of Sharia law, that all homosexuals should be killed. We can take this one step further. Michele Bachmann, current congresswoman in Minnesota’s 6th district and former Republican presidential candidate, hired a man named Peter Waldron during her campaign. Peter Waldron has been linked to Martin Ssempa, the Ugandan pastor. Ssempa is the religious arm of Ugandan politician and chief sponsor of the “kill the gays” bill in Uganda, David Bahati. Michele Bachmann herself has called homosexuality “of Satan,” and her husband, Marcus, runs a reparative therapy clinic in Minnesota, allegedly using an odd combination of aversion therapy and prayer to “repair” gay men and women. The Bachmanns are, at the very least, evangelical Christians.  Read on for more nonsense and comparisons


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