The Invisible Perception of Black

a great statement..respectfully by an African American

The Neighborhood

Me don’t dip on nobody’s side.
Me don’t dip on the black man’s side,
not the white man’s side.
Me dip on God’s side,
the one that create me 
and cause me to come from Black & White
– Bob Marley

from Dublin Ireland, J.P. Kallio with Losing Faith

I was born a Negro, the description on my birth certificate under race, but never attached myself to the term, for when I was old enough to discover the plague of my nation – Race or Color – the Black Power revolution had overthrown the more antiquated Negro, as Black was how I would identify me, as would my nation. My nuclear family lived in the diverse, but majority Black Montbello section of Denver Colorado, the largest and most spectacular city within the natural majesty of the Rocky Mountains. I was young, but I do not ever remember the need to…

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