A few thoughts on another week of racism, pain fear , Terror and Summer Solstice wish


I have cross posted this, slightly changed on OpEdnews in my diary..

Let’s ponder again this violent past week. THE president’s speech was strong, but empty… good words, falling on deaf ears…

Nothing, again, in the face of domestic mass gun deaths, a terror attack indeed,, not just on citizens, but again, in the hollow yell of a second civil war.(the young man who ‘allegedly’ responsible, proclaimed this , not me….a call for a ‘new civil war’, will be done is our ‘Congress’…. and pundits, idiots, morons, corporate WHORES….like Lindsay Graham, just about all the GOP candidates for the presidency in 2016, forget the Faux (Fox) ‘news’ system of Far right wing ‘REGRESSION’… in this country, will do a thing…

I remain, as always, stunned, disgusted, ANGRY..but in my tradition of pacifism, and ‘non violent , passive resistance’, in the manner of Gandhi and MLK and their followers.

This past week,, a, shall we say, ‘wounded’ spirit, former high school buddy of mine, agrgued, at length , my refusal to agree with him, that I needed to have a gun in my home for protection (himself, admittedly, too weak, or poor, to do likewise), and knowing my own illness of anxiety disorder and PTSD, suffered for many years (since and somewhat before 9/11), I had to just hang up on him, before I started having the usual symptoms. I stand on the Principles , for ME, of non violence, and Pacifism, as I always have, and have never budged. As with the examples of those non violent leaders, mentioned above, I reserve my right refuse to bow so low to this need. I am not saying that I would defend myself,as much as possible, if needed ,and those who might be around me, but as is stated, Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love. (1958) (Martin Luther King Jr.), ….this I stand on. Why mention this? Because all kinds of rhetoric, already accumulating will deny this truth., as members of the African American community and relatives of some of those killed in Charleston at the AME church this week,already, AFFIRM it stating they will forgive… Its not needed to quote a purported ‘holy’ book to believe, practice and know this, it comes when we sit, ponder, meditate and finally grow weary of violence. Peace, to you all today, on this Father’s day  To all the children whose fathers have died due to war, hatred, racism bigotry.. and especially those at the AME Church in Charleston SC which most of the Nation and pundits wish to ignore… the truth of

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