Radicalism in U.S. Politics by writeforthemasses , reposted

from the Politics of Writing..

If both parties are at extreme non-productivity, one will eventually have to assume dominance. This would be in the same manner that there was a cultural revolution in the 60’s. I don’t mean the reemergence of hippies, I mean the finding ourselves as a nation, and when that happens the nation will lean a certain direction and we will continue the cycle. The cycle of party domination and then slip into bipartisanship, then eventually stagnation.

A battle of radical politics: mass activism, cultural evolution, social rethinking. One can’t be completely sure when something like this will take place, but we can be sure it will happen. It could very well be a conservative shift like in the 80’s, or a liberal shift such as in the 60’s. Maybe we’ll have two as a response to one another, this is all speculation. The point is things are changing and people are obviously not happy with the way things are, especially after going through events like the government shut down. The people want somebody to blame and everyone will stick harder to their beliefs than before.

for more… https://thepoliticsofwriting.wordpress.com/2015/07/20/radicalism-in-u-s-politics/

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