We are endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders has taken firm positions on many of the issues we have been advocating for years: “The situation today is ominous,” Sanders said, referring to the continued slide of manufacturing and the erosion of the middle class. To reverse the trend, he is pushing for fair trade, not unfettered free trade that creates an incentive for American companies to shutter U.S. manufacturing facilities and move jobs overseas. As a member of Congress, Sanders led the opposition to NAFTA and voted against permanent normal trade relations with China. In the years since the battles in Congress, national polls indicate that the majority of Americans feel that free trade has hurt the U.S Bernie Sanders is fighting against corruption and for American citizens He supports infrastructure repair and creating American jobs. Senator Sanders believes that we need to overturn the Citizens United Decision and get the big money interest out of politics. Too Big To Fail – Too Big To Exist. He believes in breaking up the big banks and eliminating the concept of being too big to fail. He supports reinstating regulations on Wall Street and holding corporations accountable for their actions. He supports making college affordable or even free for all. He wants to provide healthcare for all of our citizens. He wants to expand Social Security and Medicaid. He wants to transform from fossil fuels to renewables.Rarely do you find a candidate so in tune with the needs of the working people. Even within our own group we rarely find so many on the same page with a single candidate. It is for these reasons that we endorse Bernie Sanders for President.

Source: We are endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders

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