Trump’s ‘Muslim Policy’ Conjures Up Demons From Fascism’s History Posted on Dec 8, 2015 By Bill Boyarsky

from Truthdig Trump’s fascism

WE DON’T ,, OR CAN’T SEEM TO LEARN FROM HISTORY… “As was the case with Hitler, Trump appeals to a substantial number of angry people who cheer his call for making outcasts of members of a particular religion. At first scorned by decent people, as was Hitler, the presidential candidate now is enlisting a growing number of angry and scared Americans by promoting hatred of a religion and an ethnic group. That’s what Hitler did in regard to the Jews.

With Trump gaining strength, he may be on a path to the Republican presidential nomination and, if things continue to go his way, the presidency. Then, say farewell to our democracy. The bleak prophesies of novelists Sinclair Lewis and Philip Roth about a fascist America could come true.”


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