On this day after the Blizzard of ’16

“The wealth divide is getting more extreme. The 62 wealthiest people in the world have wealth equal to the poorest 3.5 billion, half the world’s population. Five years ago it took 388 people to match half the population. Huffington Post reports that “The wealth of the richest 62 has increased an astonishing 44 percent since 2010, to $1.76 trillion. Meanwhile, the wealth of the bottom half of the world dropped by 41 percent.” (from Popular Resistance Newsletter — “https://www.popularresistance.org/davos-and-its-threat-to-democracy/”)

I am not afraid of a Davos brand conspiratorial  takeover of the world.. I don’t have to be,, it ‘s common knowledge. its there, its fact….  Bernie Sanders speaks of this constantly and is why I , and millions of others have supported the only non Davos/Corporate backred politician/person running for President.. so in many senses he already is a Revolutionary and we are waging a Revolution as ,we, his supporters, and Bernie have surpassed Hillary the ‘corporate’ backed choice by the DNC and ‘estsablishment’ if you wish, Democratic ‘pick’….no Royal families.. we are tired of Bushes and Clintons. sorry,… or…. not.