This is our time..

This is our Moment in America.. who are we? what are we? who are we becoming.. what KiND of America do we want.. do we want to live in the USA of Slavery, hatred, lynchings, Walls. separating us from the ‘other’… how long do we listen to the Elmer Gantry’s of the world, or worse, the neo fascists, like Cruz and Trump….how do we break free of this vicious cycle.. this article by this Muslim woman, who hopes for freedom and acceptance and thus, prays for America… what answer do we give her. or the Jew, or the Gay person (me) or the ‘OTHER”….how long do we fear our shadow because someone brings out the worst in us?  

From the article;

“My biggest fear is that Trump or someone like Trump (some of the other Republican candidates are little better) come into power and change our lives forever, that my children will live in fear and hiding like Anne.

I’ve felt the “normal fears” that every mother has; hoping our kids are born healthy and live long, healthy lives, especially since my own son passed away as a newborn. My fears matured as media started changing narrative and Muslim became synonymous with “terrorist,” I wondered if I could raise confident children in the face of Islamophobia.
I was never under the illusion that America was perfect, that there wasn’t already so much blood on America’s hands, with drones abroad; mass incarceration and institutional racism that perpetuates the marginalization of Black people; and the perpetuation of the  Guantanamo Bay prison, to name a few.
I didn’t even believe that people living here would be safe forever. I’m not that naïve. But the level of hate rhetoric going around because of GOP candidates like Trump and even Cruz, who celebrated his Super Tuesday at a well known racist bar, and Carson, who is all round controversial — is scary and overwhelming.
Tuesday’s results was shocking because I didn’t realize that Trump had so many followers. It saddens me to know so many people think and believe in Trump and his campaign.
I continue to pray and to raise my children with love and teach them to be confident, loving, strong, merciful and just. I will teach my children to be good Muslims, knowing that we live on earth only for Allah. We live to serve others, to show mercy to others, to be one who is a benefit to others.”A mother’s prayer

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