And the wind cries …Mary…

I was in a heated conversation or not? or just a question someone asked.. ‘Are we /you Hopeful’… well, I don’t really believe that Trump supporters are ‘hopeful’. .they firstly, ‘mostly’ deluded.. or their decision making has recently been ‘delustional’.. but that said, that’s many are in my own family and that’s difficult.

On to my rant… In answer to ….’are you hopeful?’…..  Title? (Jimi Hendrix).nazaryan-gettingclosetofascismwithsinclairlewiss-itcanhappenhere-690 well, I just wanted to get everyone’s attention…”
“In answer to someone’s post on FB: ‘Are you hopeful”?

We’re all worried, or we’re not human, or we’re narcissists, psychopaths or worse, or President..point is, we have no choice but to drudge on. Some of us will fight for what’s left to fight …of the Constitution.. Bill of rights..our health care, environments, everyone’s civil and human rights, to save what we can of mother earth, the climate..probably we’re doomed as for planet sustainability, our survival in doubt, an all due to the oligarchs, worldwide fascist capitalism, out of of control, we as serfs or slaves, what you will can only hope to have some say with our votes. Geez…parties, no parties, don’t give a damn… Looking for people who wish to go FORWARD I.e. PROGRESS. Eventually if we, and other nations if we survive climate change. This backwardness will reverse, because it will fail. Both parties are dead, broken, useless, have no interest in People, Done for now. Bernie, Corbyn,  give some hope or direction. But is it all too late. My imaginary useless idiot rant!!!


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