The Logic of American Politics – May 26, 2015

The Logic of American Politics – May 26, 2015.

A local op ed that is Excellent…. about American politics today..


By Grayce Goin

If I hear one more candidate for president say “God told me to run for POTUS” I will run up and down the street screaming while pulling my hair out.

It is not so much the declaration that would cause me to act thus, but rather the awareness of those that will vote for such charlatans. If there is a god why would it talk to politicians, most of whom walk a tightrope of morality? They are no better than the snake oil salesmen that crowd the airwaves on Sunday mornings insisting that planting of seed with them (frequently $1000) will cause god to send them a windfall – I always wonder if that is a tree limb for their heads.

I can’t help but wonder why even the fundamentalists aren’t afraid of their pastors in positions of political power. Can’t they see the inevitability of someone from another sect being elected and have different religion shoved down their throats.

And why are they afraid to do any research?

Just recently Ted Cruz told a Christian group that the Democrats in the Senate were working on the bill that would outlaw the first amendment to the constitution!!! They just took his word for it, not one person questioned this statement.

The governor of Texas called out the National Guard . . . why? . . . because branches of the U.S. military were holding joint service training sessions and he wanted to insure that they did not take over Texas.

Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee advanced a bill to change a D.C. law. They would make it legal for employers to discriminate against women who use contraception or seek family planning services.

A black doctor who is jumping in the POTUS ring, after using every possible social service while growing up now wants to close out all avenues of assistance because: it is causing the destruction of the African-American family.

A white woman, former corporate CEO is so far running on the platform that Hillary can’t be allowed to win. This CEO has no political or governmental experience, but of course knows all that is needed to run the country.

There will be more candidates jumping out of the clown car in the days and weeks ahead. We will be amused by some of them, disgusted by others, occasionally both at the same time. The sad part is: none of this is really funny.

I recently read an article that demonstrated that only 17% of eligible voters gave us the House of Representatives we now have. Those in the House are now attempting to destroy Social Security, Veterans Benefits, Food Stamps, Homeless programs, the EPA, OSHA; the list goes on and on while they keep cutting taxes for corporations and the top 1%.

The only hope for the future is to get people to vote in every election. The midterms matter greatly, as is currently being demonstrated by fools who have no clue about the constitution. We need dramatic change made to our election process. Instead of having a bunch of clowns pointing fingers at each other for months on end, the parties should pick their candidates early on and spend the time deciding on their platforms, then debate that with the opposition.

American politics . . . no logic to be found here.


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