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Republicans have been talking for years about building a wall between Mexico and The United States. When John McCain ran for president against President Obama in 2008, that was one of his talking points. In fact McCain promises to make the border with Mexico look like the Berlin Wall. A little less than 700 miles of the fence has been built. Donald Trump estimates we have about 1000 miles of wall left to build. I think he may be a little off, but hey, that’s Trump, after all.

BUT WAIT!!!!!! Scott Walker says we should build a wall along the Canada-U.S. border. We do get a few undocumented immigrants from Canada, after all.

OK, so we also get Undocumented Immigrants from Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, some middle eastern countries, India, Africa, Europe and many countries.

So here’s what we’ve got to do. Build a fence along both the east…

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What Patriotism Is and Is Not

The Undaunted Democrat

July fourth, 2014, the 238th birthday of the United States of America. In neighborhoods across the country people are celebrating. Bar-B-Q’s are lit and people are shooting off fireworks or planning to go to a large fireworks display. A neighbor behind me couldn’t even wait until dark to shoot them off. He has a 10 foot flag pole proudly displaying the American flag and the popping sound of fireworks has been heard coming from his yard for two days. On July 5th the American flag is gone and in its place is a bright yellow flag displaying a coiled snake and the words, “Don’t tread on me.” And below that a black flag displaying skull and cross bones . So much for patriotism.
In Nebraska, a “float” was allowed into an independence day parade that depicted an outhouse with an effigy of a black man and a sign that said…

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I’m A Progressive Because……..

The Undaunted Democrat

I’m A Progressive Because……..
I’m a progressive because I believe in equality for everyone, that everyone should be equal under the law and have the same opportunities as everyone else no matter their race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.
I’m a progressive because I support the rights of women to make their own health care decisions and the right to equal pay for equal work.
I’m a progressive because I believe that those who have the most should help those who have the least.
I’m a progressive because I believe that corporations and the richest among us should pay their fair share of taxes to help support this nation that gave them the opportunity to become big and accumulate wealth.
I’m a progressive because I believe it is un-American to hide wealth in places like the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes.
I’m a progressive because I believe it is…

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12 Things Conservatives Don’t Get

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The Undaunted Democrat


1-Repealing Obamacare will not save taxpayer money. What it will do is deprive approximately 24 million people of their health care. Experts say it will cost tax payers 6.2 trillion dollars over the next 75 years if Obamacare is repealed.

2-If you want people off welfare you have to pass laws that create jobs and pay a livable wage, and you have to raise the minimum wage to where it is a livable wage.

2-Paying a livable wage does not cost jobs. If people make more money, they spend more money. This creates demand and demand is what creates jobs.

3-Undocumented Immigrants do pay taxes. According to the American Immigration Council, “Immigrants pay taxes, in the form of income, property, sales, and taxes at the federal and state level. As far as income tax payments go, sources vary in their accounts, but a range of studies find that immigrants…

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US progressives hope Pope Francis can bring moral force to key issues

From the fight against economic inequality and climate change, to the plight of undocumented immigrants and the movement against mass incarceration in US prisons, advocacy groups see the pope’s first US visit as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to press their case beyond the arid stalemate of national party politics. While the TV screens will focus on the pontiff’s big set speeches before Congress and the United Nations, around the country thousands of progressive discussion groups and viewing parties will be held in an attempt to seize the moment.


Campaigners believe the pontiff’s visit can lift their work on climate change, income inequality, immigration and mass incarceration above partisan swamp

Bill Maher Has The Ahmed Mohamed Thing All Wrong – by Dean Obeidallah

i’m really tired of Muslim bashing as a rule. and its one of Maher’s so called, liberal, so called ‘rule’ rules…”Being criticized for my views comes with the territory (and to be honest, I like attention so I enjoy this.) Although this was the first time a so-called progressive came after me. Typically, it’s people on the right like Pamela Geller, the people at, or the Fox News types.

But before Maher read from my article, he first served up some good old fashioned anti-Muslim fear mongering with comments like: “Will someone look me in the eye right here and tell me over the last 30 years if so many young Muslim men…hadn’t blow up a lot of shit around the world.” Maher made this statement after one of his guests, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, shared his view that Mohamed had been arrested because of his Muslim faith.
So you see where this is going. Maher’s view is that since some Muslims have committed bad acts in the past, it’s okay to profile Muslim-Americans.

Now to my article. Maher, after first mangling my last name, read this line from it, “Why would a homemade clock get him arrested, you may ask?” Before Maher could read the next sentence (where I noted, “It shouldn’t, but his last name is Mohamed and he lives in Irving, Texas,”), he was interrupted by Ramos who stated, “Exactly.”

This comment caused Maher to turn in his chair, learn forward toward Ramos and angrily declare: “I just answered that question. Because for the last 30 years it’s [Islam] been a culture that has been blowing shit up over and over again. I could spend the rest of the show on this…”