Convicted Murderer Dylann Roof’s Sentencing Hearing

Roof’s competency took focus in his opening statement today when he told the jury;“The point is I’m not going to lie to you,” Roof said. “There’s nothing wrong with me psychologically.”Roof also made a statement that he felt betrayed.  Coupled with things that he wrote in his journal, it paints the idea that Roof’s desire to murder Blacks was influenced by other White Supremacists who he assumed would do the same.

Well, in the age when our newly elected President to be,, communicates NOT with the press, which dutifully would be there for him to speak to them but with the same garbled, meaningless commentary or slurs that he had done for the last year of so, on the road to this national disgrace, but uses the social media (140 character limited) ‘Twitter’ to communicate, if you call it thatk… what can one say, when a young racist white man says, “There’s nothing wrong with me psychologically’.. I am sure there is a psychologist or two to disagree..but I think that whole idea of ‘white supremacy’ is an ILLNESS….which leads to, well, our entire history of violence, nation ‘building’, ? but, mostly, nation destroying, genocide, slavery,and government sanctioned murder.. read on… laugh, but cry..

Source: Convicted Murderer Dylann Roof’s Sentencing Hearing


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